Advocating Biomass Energy

Biomass Power Association is actively involved in the legislative process

promoting biopower as an important addition to America’s energy portfolio, and helping to shape government policies that encourage the development and use of biomass energy.

Biomass Power Associations’ advocacy efforts are vital

as American policymakers at every level explore ways to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Public Policies in Action

Renewable Fuel Standard »

The EPA has failed to implement a program passed by Congress in 2007 that would allow electricity from renewable sources like biogas, biomass and waste-to-energy qualify to generate credits under the RFS program. Industries that are eligible for credits have thrived during the past decade, while biogas, biomass and waste-to-energy have worked hard to stay in business.

Every year the EPA neglects to process eRIN applications means lost revenue – not only for qualified electricity producers but also for other stakeholders along the supply chain like dairy farmers, foresters and landowners, and municipal governments that own and operate power infrastructure. We call on the EPA to process eRIN applications in 2019 without delay!

BPA is a founding member of the RFS Power Coalition to activate the electricity pathway approved in the RFS.

Federal Tax Policy »

Biomass & Forest Management »

Carbon Accounting »

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